Sunday Morning Thoughts

On this beautiful Sunday morning (it’s 70 degrees here in Texas) I’m sitting here on my patio enjoying my coffee and listening to the sounds of the morning:  The various birds tweeting, my dogs chasing a squirrel, cars passing by on the highway in the distance and an owl that’s hooting from high up in a neighbor’s tree.

My daughter will be awake soon and we’ll be off to her Sunday morning Confirmation class (something that is very important to her and it’s actually quite a beautiful thing itself to watch a young person develop a faith that’s stronger and deeper even then your own).  Anyway, this next 30 minutes is mine to be still…to enjoy nature, to read, to write or to just walk around aimlessly with my coffee and be.  I didn’t realize how much I loved this part of my day until I recently read a blog post about how awesome this part of the day is….

And that got me thinking to how much I treasure our online community.  It’s not something I can definitively define for you.  There was a time in early sobriety that this community was a lifeline to survival on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.  It was vital to me to have this outlet because the very idea of getting sober would have been so attacked and hard to defend in my “real” life that I needed to keep myself in my own little sober-bubble for a few months as I figured out how in the hell I was going to actually live sober.

Now, today, this recovery blogosphere is a place where I come to for insight, maybe to vent, maybe to share some creative thoughts, or just to give back the compassion, support and lifeline that was so generously extended to me (and continues to be).  It is still a lifeline, but in a different, more subtle way that’s not quite as needy but still very profound.  I love how completely unplanned and unbound by rules we are here…it reminds me how often beautiful things can just seem to pop out of seemingly nothing and take on a life-force of their own…which is a great lesson for this recovering mathematically-minded control freak right here 🙂

Anyway…on a seemingly unrelated note….even though it’s February I just discovered my word of the year (WOTY) today while reading another fine blog. (Yes, I am one month and couple weeks late LOL.)  My word is BALANCE.

I plan to write more about my word…maybe even set some specific goals around it as well as just write about it freely and see where it takes me this year.

I’ll end on this note…

Today I am happy that I am sober. It is a wonderful thing to be sober.  It’s an even greater marvel to be happy to be sober.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Thoughts”

  1. Those moments are what make life beautiful. And they are so easily missed.

    I like balance. It has a gentleness about it. I look forward to hearing how it influences your year!


  2. Love your Sunday morning thoughts! I’m reading this on a Saturday night, and now I’m excited for Sunday morning to come so that I can sit with my cup of tea and listen to the clock tick and the wind whip across the pond behind the house. Thanks for being part of my blog community!!! I’m grateful for you, and I am eager to read more about what you discover as your reflect further on balance. Balance is definitely something that I notice most sharply when I am NOT in it! When I am tipping too far in one direction and it is starting to hurt (or maybe it’s past starting and it’s really quite painful), that is when I find my brain screaming, “balance!” I haven’t figured out a better way yet…

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