No….not the flu!!!

Shortly after my last post, I came down with some horrible strain of the flu.  High fever, body aches and general misery, for about a week.  Don’t think I’ve been that sick in 10 years.

I’m a horrible patient and generally feel like the world is ending every minute that I am sick.  Ugh…  At least, at this point in my life & recovery, I had the sense to take care of myself.  I took several days off work, ordered my essential groceries online for delivery, and then parked my self on the couch/bed for a week of rest…Netflix-style.

I’m finally feeling better.  Somehow, temporarily losing my health and well-being really makes me appreciate the overall health that I enjoy every day.

Today I am grateful to be alive and sober….ready to face what the day brings.



9 thoughts on “No….not the flu!!!”

  1. That sucks. My husband and son have has it. It’s horrible…and they both took a while to recover even after going back to work/school.

    Take care of yourself. Drink lots of tea! Lol


  2. Oh No! Hope you’re on the mend. I don’t know about you, but now that I’ve stopped drinking I have ZERO tolerance for feeling bad! Take care of yourself

  3. Nothing like a crashing case of the flu or other illness to bring us into gratitude for a healthy (or at least somewhat healthy!) body.

    This flu has been knocking everyone I know out…so hopefully you feel better soon!


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