Fun weekend

Spent the weekend in Austin with my younger daughter…we rented a fancy hotel, saw a great movie and a play, and tried out a few new restaurants and coffee shops too.

Austin is such a fun town…and while there is a drinking/weed culture there for sure…I find myself enjoying things like concerts and plays so much more without alcohol.  I used to be too worried about my next drink and maintaining my buzz to really enjoy what was in front of me.

There’s a coffee shop in Austin that has concerts, stand up comedy and an open-mike night, all with coffee & soda and no alcohol.  It’s nice to find outings that aren’t alcohol centered. I really enjoyed myself and I relish the time with my daughter.

 We just arrived home earlier today, and right now I’m fighting the Sunday night blues as I transition from mini-vacation-mode to work-mode.  Ugh.  I always struggle to switch gears.  

Happy Sunday night to everyone.



3 thoughts on “Fun weekend”

  1. Sunday nights are always a bit of a let down.
    But it sounds like you and your daughter had a great time. That is so lovely.

    Monday mornings I am always happy not to be hungover. I used to be all the time. I hated Monday. Now they are just fine. Thank god.

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