Morning thoughts after hearing an interesting commercial

Tostitos chips has just released potato chips bags equipped with an alcohol sensor…so a drinker can breath on the bag and know their BAC and decide if they’re too drunk to drive.

I’m not sure how I feel about potato chip bags with breathalyzers on them.  

I can somehow picture drunk-Jenn arriving at a party with a bottle of wine and potato chips with sensors on them.  (My inner math-nerd is curious as to how accurate this sensor is.)  (My inner-lawyer is surprised that this could pass by Tostidos legal team)…anyhow…

Maybe they’ll help increase awareness and prevent drunk driving.

But it concerns me whenever I see drinking so normalized.  If you’re sitting in a bar breathing on a potato chip bag…it’s possible you have a problem. 

But maybe I’m sensitive to  the subject as a former problem-drinker, current sober-woman.

I think the sensor on the potato chips bags is a promotion for SuperBowl.  I used to get very, very drunk watching football.  Now I dont.  

If you are struggling with your alcohol use….please know that it’s perfectly normal for a drug to be addictive and to wreak havoc with your life. Alcohol is a drug. Alcohol advertising is powerful and can make us feel like we should be able to drink a ton but always look fabulous and never look drunk (like on most alcohol commercials). 

The super bowl can be enjoyed sober. That’s how I plan to spend mine. 

Now…if only they’d install a calorie-alarm on those bags so I’d know when I’ve had a serving.



13 thoughts on “Morning thoughts after hearing an interesting commercial”

  1. Lol. I agree…if you are breathing onto a potato chip bag you have had too much to drink and may just have a problem.

    I like the concept…perhaps it is a way for people to begin to understand how much they are actually drinking, but I Ama huge supporter of zero tolerance for drinking and driving.

    If right from the start the expectation is zero alcohol consumption before driving it will become a standard practice. This is how beginners licenses are in Alberta.

    As a sober person I now have the sense that everyone driving around on a Friday night is buzzed. I know that’s probably not true either, but some are…and it is an unnecessary risk they are taking with others lives and their own future.

    I’m interested now….I’m off to find that commercial!

  2. Wow, how interesting. I like the fact that it’s calling attention to avoiding drinking and driving — I don’t see that as normalizing, but that’s just me (in this moment). One weird aspect to me is that by intentionally purchasing one of these bags of chips, one is essentially planning to drink to excess before driving — yuck.

    1. Yeah…it’s probably not a bad thing…I think I’m in this phase where I’m tired of all the advertising around drinking…I heard the radio commercial this morning on my way to my daughters school.

  3. Interesting. I had to look it up. It’s Tostitos and a limited edition bag for the Super Bowl. It detects trace amounts of alcohol (doesn’t tell you if you’re over the limit, only if you’ve been drinking), but it also includes technology that allows you to tap the bag for an Uber ride (and gives you $10/off the ride) – that alone is pretty darn cool and the combo helps promote no drinking and driving I think.

  4. I think it is a marketing tool.
    A slick one at that.
    Well, we still have a huge drunk driving problem here, although it has gone down a little bit.
    I think Uber type services have helped, but it’s till very scary on the road at night.
    Because, I used to be one of the drunk drivers.
    It was only a matter of time before I would have gotten pulled over.
    I do agree that I wish it had a calorie reader, with an alarm!

    1. You know…I am grateful every day that I did not hurt or kill anyone as I drove drunk every day for years. For most of my life I was careful not to drive after drinking…in the last few years I violated that value hundreds of times.
      Not comfortable to remember.

  5. Love the potato chip bag calorie counter!!! It’s shameful how glamorized drinking is on social media and TV. There is nothing glamorous about drunkness and the deadly potential it brings to people. We as a society need to do something about where and what is being advertised that our children see and the potential and effect it has on them.

  6. This is kind of a weird concept! I remember that a friend had an alcohol meter in college, and it was a running joke to see who could blow the highest number. Not exactly the kind of behavior that I think the creators of the device were trying to promote. Marketing is all about making money. They probably have very little regard for the actual health and safety of the consumers or the general public (or they wouldn’t be trying to get everyone to overeat their chips in the first place!)

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