Blogging and Internet Sobriety

When I got sober finally….I was not ready to sit in an AA room.  Honestly, the first times that I began to believe that I really identified with anyone, and the first times I began to believe that there was a dignified free sober life in my future…was in reading Unpickled, Mrs D., then the constant encouragement I got from Ainsobriety.
Before that I did know I had a problem…but I had this divide in my mind between me, a smart, educated woman, and those alcoholics in the AA room.  And I am proud. And kind of busy with kids. Etc etc.
In the first months…all I could do was work, feed kids, pay essential bills…and otherwise I read blogs until my eyes bled and I listed to the bubble hour and some other podcasts in the privacy of home.  I wasn’t ready to come out of my bubble yet. I found so many other great books and blogs from those first few I mentioned above.
Internet sobriety isn’t just a sideshow to recovery rooms…it’s a force of its own. It the real deal. It’s a powerful tool in rescuing and providing a lifeline to those suffering in silence. For some it is everything,  and for others it a bridge to additional help and resources.
So thank you to everyone who participates..and I mean everyone…you all save my life everyday and I am greatful.

28 thoughts on “Blogging and Internet Sobriety

  1. “Internet sobriety isn’t just a sideshow to recovery rooms…it’s a force of its own.” So true. Sometimes in AA meetings, I mention that I listen to recovery podcasts and read sobriety blogs, and no one ever says anything. For many, it’s just AA, and that’s fine. For me, it took rehab, AA, and a huge part of my recovery has been blogs like yours and the ones you mentioned above. Hope you’re well…and thanks for continuing to share your story.

  2. Thank YOU for your blog! It has helped me tremendously. I started as a daily follower when I figured out we had the same sober date 🙂 although I do not have my own blog, I don’t know what I’d do without the internet community- people who really can relate and understand what you’re going through. Have a great New Years, Jenn, then our big day is just around the corner!!

  3. I agree completely; I honestly don’t know where I’d be if not for this amazing online community. I never would have believed I’d be reading and commenting on sober blogs, but here I am. I read everything I could find, and slowly began to realize I’m not alone, and addiction affects everyone.

  4. I agree.

    I went to AA last night and picked up my 2 year coin. I like the coins. Even if I don’t have a sponsor or go to many meetings. No one judges. They just welcome me.

    And the people there listened to me, related, congratulated me and some told me I help the with my calmness, my love of sobriety, my joy.

    Just like the sober world did when I wrote my two year post.

    I know I have support from both venues. The world is a beautiful place when you let it help you!


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  6. You are so right. This sober blogging community has really changed my life. I go there everyday for support. You are one of my main sober bloggers who I listen to, Jenn, You and so many others have given me validation in my quest for sobriety. Thank you for your poignant and profound messages.

    • Thank you for your kind words Tina. I never feel like I’m that helpful so when you say that I am it really means alot. I feel like we’re on this journey together, thank you for being here.

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